Member Benefits

Member Benefits

The Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit corporation comprised of local businesses and individuals. The Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce is committed to creating a strong community and encouraging a positive business climate. The strength of the Chamber of Commerce is our members--together we promote our individual members and the community at large.

We encourage you to join the Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce to take advantage of the many benefits we can offer your business. We offer partnerships with other local organizations, networking, leadership development and legislative advocacy. We also host a number of special events provide our members the opportunity to communicate with other Chamber members.

Partnering: We work closely with local organizations that complement the Chamber's mission, including the Kankakee County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Economic Alliance of Kankakee County and other local Chambers of Commerce. We also support different groups that are part of the Chamber of Commerce, such as the Women In Networking (WIN) organization and Kankakee County Young Professionals organization.

Networking: People do business with people they know. With the assistance of our Ambassadors the Kankakee County Chamber gives you opportunities to meet other businesses and consumers in the community at a variety of Chamber-sponsored events.

Community Support [Buy Local, Hire Local]: A community is only as great as its members. Our passion is bringing more people into our community to work, live and play. Becoming a member of the Kankakee County Chamber is an investment in the future of our community!

Aggressive Small Business Retention: Marketing plays a vital role in any business or organization and we can help you with your promotional needs. We want to have the pulse of the business community and share the results with those who need to know. This program will help ensure our existing local businesses get the attention they need. We do not take any existing business for granted.

Working on Business PapersLeadership Development: Raising the bar. Let's make Kankakee County THE customer service capital of the Midwest by 2017!

We will provide educational events and tools for enhancing customer service skills to your business. Eventually, we reach the tipping point and everyone is all in. This will bring people from throughout the Chicagoland and the Midwest to experience some of the renowned exceptional customer service in Kankakee County.

Legislative Advocacy: We are committed to advocating for our members on local issues, things that directly impact our community. We want to bring new jobs, new opportunities, and new resources to Kankakee County. On a local level, that means being proactive in working with local government to find opportunities to support local businesses and support smart growth. As important as what our advocacy focus is, we must note that the Chamber will not engage in partisan politics. We are simply not in the business of politics. We are in the business of advocating for Kankakee County. We want to have a united front for Kankakee County and plan to play a game of addition, not a game of subtraction, to get results.

The Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to making our community an even better place to work, live and play. Thank you for your interest in our community. We invite you to become a part of the Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce.

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