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Women In Networking (WIN)


About Women in Networking

Women in Networking is a diverse group of women devoted to fostering professional and personal relationships for the empowerment and development of women through specific programming and community service opportunities.

At WIN events, women from various businesses and life stages meet to discuss issues pertaining to women.

WIN encourages all women, regardless of age, to join as they create lasting friendships.

Why Join WIN?

Why is Networking Important?

Creating a strong network leads to numerous benefits for female leaders:

  1. It creates a community – A safe, supportive network for like-minded women is key. It provides women with a place to connect, communicate, and share about common experiences.
  2. It leads to quality referrals – A strong network provides greater opportunity to receive high quality referrals, allowing leaders to grow and thrive within the company.
  3. It’s a great way to find a mentor – According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 82% of women believe in the importance of having a mentor, though 20% of those women report not having access to one. Receiving advice from seasoned, successful women can help other women navigate and feel more supported.
  4. It helps build confidence – Belonging to a network of women where one is accepted and supported builds confidence. This leads women to take on challenges and opportunities that they perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise.
  5. It inspires – What’s more motivating than hearing the stories and lessons of women who have navigated and overcome challenges in their professional career? Not only will this inspire young professionals to rise through the ranks and will encourage them to become amazing role models for those that follow them.

ATHENA Podcasts

Athena International presents the "Women Really Mean Business" podcast which features professional women talking about their unique journey in the world of business. The goal is to "connect women for learning, career growth and networking."

WIN Committee Members

  • A.N Webber - Amber Turner
  • Clean in Pink - Heather Ellis
  • CSL Behring - Melissa Tanner
  • Elite Community Credit Union - Suzie Bell
  • Frank's Appliance - JoAnne Keen
  • Kankakee Community College - Ellen Schmidt
  • Kankakee County Circuit Court - Sandi Cianci
  • Munday Motivation - Peggy Sue Munday
  • State Bank Trust and Investment - Jackie Bruhn
  • State Bank of Herscher - Jennifer Draper
  • UpliftedCare - Mary Thomson
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