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Strategic Plan

In November, the Board of Directors met with Shari Pash from "Strategic Solutions for Growth" to create goals for the Chamber for the next two years. The strategic plan focuses on 6 key initiatives:


  • Review and Implement updated Membership tiers and investments
  • Review annually that value proposition connects with members
  • Set membership goals and metrics
  • Educate members on Chamber mission and values beyond events
  • Share and tell our members' stories
  • Increase membership messaging and storytelling

Voice of Business

  • Increase the communication of advocacy to members
  • Educate and give information
  • Opportunity to get in front of legislators and political leaders
  • Build a Capital Day to Springfield
  • Advocate for business owners of all sizes

Board of Directors

  • Create written expectations for board of directors, Executive Committee, and committee chairs
  • Continue to expand on diversity and inclusion
  • Succession planning for Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Programs and Events

  • Conduct an event audit annually
  • Focus on quality events over quantity
  • Determine the benefits of each event for members and the Chamber
  • Events and programs support and become profitable


  • Audit profitability of each event
  • Focus on programming and events that generate a profit
  • Analysis of sponsorships and benefits offered
  • Research new non-dues revenue streams

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Understand the diversity of ownership in our region
  • Strengthen our relationship and create more of a partnership with the Greater Kankakee Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Encourage business community to create sustainable growth in diversity and next generation workforce
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