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ReadyNation Introduces Birth to Five

ReadyNation's Partnership with Child Care Resource and Referral

To ensure the state of Illinois can help identify and respond to early childhood needs at the local level, ReadyNation introduces Birth to Five Illinois. Partnering with the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies, Birth to Five is a new initiative focused on childcare and community-level planning from a child’s birth to age 5. Based on input and efforts of the Birth to Five Councils, policies and programs will be co-created by families, providers, and local communities who will have ongoing leadership roles in the implementation and monitoring of progress.

To ensure this vision for the children of Illinois becomes reality, it will require a wide range of stakeholders — parents and families, school district officials, child care providers, Head Start leaders, early learning advocates, county and municipal officials, as well as the business community. To recruit these stakeholders, Birth to Five will be hosting a Regional Council Launch.

From February 1st through 5th, Birth to Five Illinois will host a series of 39 virtual, regional events, with an eye toward stronger engagement of people who are well-versed in the needs of their own communities and the needs of families/children. For more information on the program, visit If you are interested in attending a virtual event, click here to register for the event in your region.

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