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9 a.m. - Noon | Room D124
Limited Seats Available - Register Early
Wednesday, Feb. 16
Goals are scientifically proven to be one of the most effective motivators for success. Yet achieving goals eludes a vast majority of society. You will learn a proven goal planning process you can implement immediately and start achieving success on your terms.
Tuesday, March 1
This course will provide an assessment test to determine which talents and traits make you unique. Knowing your five greatest strengths will help you perform better at work or help you find well suited employment. After your strengths are determined, you'll learn from a Strengths Coach on how to maximize your strengths and how to recognize and work with the strengths of others.
Wednesday, March 16
As a leader, your ability to master effective communication skills will enable you to gain credibility with your team, help you to motivate others, and increase your influence. This course explores both organizational and personal communication. Participants will focus on oral communication, rather than written communication.
Wednesday, April 20
There is no such thing as eliminating conflict for as long as there are people, there is conflict. However, there are ways to manage conflict that are constructive and preserve the relationships involved. Participants will complete a short conflict management assessment during the workshop to provide them with additional insights into their own personal attitudes and behaviors relative to conflict.
Wednesday, May 11
Never before in history has five generations actively engaged in the business workforce. Each generation was influenced by a unique set of circumstances creating a wide array of attitudes and behaviors in the modern workforce. Participants will take away constructive ideas on how to make the multigenerational workforce in alignment with the organizations vision and strategy.
Meet One of the Presenters
Rick Lochner is an accomplished coach, facilitator, college professor, keynote and workshop speaker, author and—
foremost—a leader. His vision is to help business owners,
corporate and non-profit teams and individual professionals make leadership a way of life. Lochner grew up in a military family. During the 20 years his father was in the Army, the family moved 26 times. Lochner learned to adapt quickly to changing environments, and from an early age became a very goal-driven individual. Lochner has over 30 years of leadership experience in the military, fortune 100 companies, and through his own entrepreneurial and non-profit ventures. Lochner is the author of “The Missing Piece - Achieving Sustainable Success through Business Alignment.”
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