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Aqua: An Essential Utilities Company

Aqua Illinois takes pride in not only providing best-in-class water and wastewater services for more than 130 years, but also in being a good partner that is committed to the well-being of the communities we serve. Through infrastructure upgrades that enhance resiliency, contributions to local causes and collaboration with local leaders, we invest in our communities to improve quality of life and economic opportunity. With a focus on trusted partnerships and long-term prosperity, we are dedicated to fostering strong communities and bringing value and reliability to local residents and businesses.

We are constantly exploring ways that we can enhance our impact.  We work closely with the community leaders on system upgrades, maintenance and infrastructure investments that improve service and system reliability for our customers today and generations to come. Across our operations, our communities can rely on us to continually add state-of-the-art treatment tools and practices to our toolbox. Our team of experts in operations, distribution, engineering, water quality, environmental compliance and customer service provides communities across Illinois with high-quality drinking water and carries out wastewater operations with a focus on the environment and long-term sustainability. We are committed to nurturing partnerships and community growth while providing these essential services with unmatched support and commitment to our customers. At Aqua Illinois, the success of our communities is our success – and we will continue to invest to improve quality and service.

Aqua Illinois is a subsidiary of Essential Utilities Inc. Founded in 1886, Aqua Illinois serves approximately 270,000 people in 70 communities across 13 Illinois counties with water and wastewater services.

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