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Virtual Customer Service Seminar Presenting Sponsor: Iroquois Mental Health Center

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Contact: Erin Gallagher, 815-641-7760 cell

Covid Relief
Employers Can Now Offer Free Mental Health Benefit

Business owners can now offer easy-to-implement mental health counseling services as a benefit to employees at no cost to the employers. In an effort to increase access to mental health care critically needed during the pandemic, a well-established mental health center is waiving fees normally charged to employers for its Employee Assistance Program.
Employers notice improved attendance and productivity, as well as reduced workplace conflict and turnover.

The Iroquois Mental Health Center (IMHC), with 11 locations, including Kankakee, Manteno, Manhattan and Monee, is offering two free sessions to employees whose employer joins the free program. IMHC is waiving the customary fee charged to employers who join the program. After the two sessions, the employer/employee private insurance would apply.
“During this pandemic, it is important that people have the best health care available, and Iroquois Mental Health Center is committed to removing any barriers possible for employers and employees to get the help they need,” said IMHC Executive Director Dennis Hopkins, Ph.D.
IMHC offers a wide range of mental health services including individual, youth and family counseling; grief counseling; crisis management; comprehensive DUI services; and job coaching.

Common topics include divorce and family conflicts, depression, anxiety, ADHD, bullying and cyber bullying. All services provided to employees are anonymous to employers.

“We find that our patients lead happier lives and are better employees,” Hopkins said. “Employers who participate in this benefit program have less drama and less turnover at work.”

IMHC has offices in Will, Kankakee, Vermillion and Iroquois counties. Locations include Cissna Park, Clifton, Hoopeston, Kankakee, Manhattan, Manteno, Milford, Monee, Onarga, Rossville, Sheldon, and Watseka. Employees seeking services would call a single, main phone number to find the right service provider for them, at 815-432-5241.

Most services are available for both adults and children, in individual, and sometimes group or family sessions.

The 24-hour crisis like is available for all ages at 815-432-5241. For more information about IMHC, visit
Employers interested in learning more about the Employee Assistance Program can contact Erin Gallagher at 815-641-7760 cell.



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