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March WIN Luncheon Speaker

About Laura Andersen

Founder of Mayhill Moon, Laura Andersen will be speaking at the Women in Networking Luncheon on March 10th. With vast experience and education in the fields of Business Administration and Marketing, Laura looks to provide the audience with a set of insightful mental tools. She will be guiding those in attendance through new ways of thinking to shift any limiting belief and give them the devices they need to bring their creativity to life no matter what industry they're in. 

Laura Andersen has gained a plethora of advertising agency experience with names like Visa, Microsoft, eBay, Jamba Juice, Jim Beam and Egyptian Cotton, just to name a few. Now, as the head of the Mayhill Moon she brings big strategic thinking to brands of all sizes from local, privately-owned businesses to well-known worldwide software companies. Her address on March 10th looks to have those in attendance no longer feeling limited by their own ways of thinking. Giving way to judicious, inspired, and boundless thought.    

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March Lunch
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