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Board Spotlight: Rob Warmbir

For a total of six years, Rob Warmbir has been a diligent and driven accompaniment to the Kankakee Chamber of Commerce. While serving as an ambassador for all six years, he has also been on the board of directors for the past three years. He originally joined the chamber in search of new networking opportunities as well as promotion for the company he worked for. He stated that since joining the chamber, he has gained a great appreciation for the community. When asked about what he appreciates most in being an Ambassador and Board member, he stated that it is meeting new people and learning about them as well as their experiences.


Since March of 2021, Rob has been the owner of a Farmland Management, Farmland Real Estate, and Auction Service. This business is called RW Property Services and is committed to partnering with individuals to deliver the best option for their assets. With multiple years of experience, their accredited team is passionate about understanding each unique client’s goals and objectives. As the owner, Rob is responsible for tasks like meeting with prospects, checking and inspecting farms, as well as being an auctioneer for the respective properties. When talking about work, Rob stated that he is not an “Office Guy”, so being able to be out and about for work is very beneficial for him. He also stated that he has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and that he is very happy with his current position. 


Rob was raised in Clifton, Illinois and still resides there to this day. Rob has a plethora of hobbies, with many of them centered around being outdoors. He holds over 13 different licenses and certifications for outdoor activity. Just recently, he was certified in Scuba Diving and plans to make that a commonality in his adventures. He also paraglides and competes in different paragliding competitions when they are available. Along with motorcycle riding, obstacle course racing and many others, Rob is always pushing himself to be better and do better. He lives by the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard” and encourages others to experience life to the fullest capacity. 


As an ambitious, hardworking, and motivated individual, Rob is always looking to improve. Whether that be the community around him, his business, or even himself. The role that he has played in the chamber over the past 6 years cannot be understated. When asked if there is anything he would like everyone to know, he stated “I’m always happy to help”. Rob’s consistent contributions are valued here at the Chamber, and we anticipate to see how he assists in the future. 


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