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Spotlight: Riverside Healthcare

Riverside is committed to the health of the community.  For decades that commitment has led to the investment of services for those dealing with behavioral health challenges, all along the spectrum—from those needing acute care services to accessibility on an outpatient basis. Riverside partners with numerous clinics, community agencies, and other health care professionals, where patients can be referred to when appropriate. 

Riverside Medical Center is the only hospital in the area and surrounding communities offering inpatient psychiatric units for individuals ages 5 and above. Riverside provides treatment for a wide range of disorders and tailors care specifically for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Riverside’s methodologies specifically treat the entire person, allowing patients to discover, learn, grow, and recover in a supportive, secure environment.

Riverside also recognizes the importance of family and friends in the treatment of each patient. As part of the patient's treatment, staff members meet regularly with involved parties to lend support and discuss treatment programs and provide education about mental illness. We strive to serve anyone who needs mental health treatment - we accept those with dementia, children in care, and many other acute needs.

Continuum of care is vital for mental health. Pathways is our outpatient program within Behavioral Medicine and is located in the Riverside Atrium in Bradley, IL. We offer a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for adolescents and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adolescents and adults. PHP is an alternative to hospitalization that provides a highly structured daily program focusing on mental health through groups that address stressors that impact daily functioning. IOP is a less restrictive group program focusing on mental health to help stabilize an individual's stressors in day-to-day life. These programs both offer medication management with a psychiatrist. 

Riverside Behavioral Medicine services can be accessed anytime through Riverside Medical Center's emergency room. Anyone can walk into the ER and ask to receive a mental health screening if they feel they are at risk to themselves or others. Individuals, community partners, and outside referrals can also call (844) 442-2551 with questions, referrals, or a brief assessment.

Riverside Behavioral Medicine is dedicated to addressing mental health needs in our community. We are currently doing so by offering individual and group therapy to partnering schools through the Hospital School Liaison role, as well as in-house individual therapy to those in juvenile court & probation through partnerships with the State's Attorney and Probation.

Please visit Riverside Healthcare's website at to find more information on Riverside Behavioral Medicine services and listen to podcast episodes from our team about mental health topics.

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