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Board Spotlight: Vince Clark

Vince Clark was homegrown right here in the heart of Kankakee county. He grew up attending Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School and graduated in the class of 2011. Vince then moved on to attend Olivet Nazarene University, graduating with his Bachelors in 2015. He is currently an agency owner of State Farm Insurance right here in Kankakee; he is also a board member of the Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce.

Vince has a wife named Ebony, and three children: Vincent Clark III, Christian Clark, and Nevaeh Clark. He loves the Chicago Bears, enjoys traveling, and reading books on mindfulness, finances, business, and self-improvement.

Vince’s inspiration to work in the insurance industry comes from his son, Vincent Clark III. When asked “why did you choose to be in the insurance industry?” Vince replied with, “I run an office that helps the community with all of their insurance needs which includes auto, renters, homeowners, life, health, and small business insurance products. I really enjoy what I do because it gives me the chance to really discuss and inform our community on how insurance works and offer reasonably priced solutions. I’m also very passionate about the life insurance piece as well. When I lost my son, it made a huge difference in my life on how we were able to handle that situation and we’re here to hopefully guide people in the right direction as well. I also feel like coming back to Kankakee has a purpose for me, specifically. I grew up here but left early in my professional career to work in Chicago and the south suburbs. I had the opportunity to be around young people doing great things in business and as entrepreneurs. I learned so much from that experience and wanted to bring everything I learned back home in hopes that I can maybe inspire someone just like many of my friends and mentors did for me.”

Vince’s experience with young people inspired him to bring his knowledge back home to better our community. That’s why we think Vince is a great leader on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee, which just kicked off on June 14. Vince chose DEI because it is something that he is passionate about. Vince states, “There are so many talented people out there that come from different backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and even educational backgrounds. I feel it is important to have tough conversations that may lead to the playing field being more equal for all to have an opportunity. We are looking to do anything that we can do to make our chamber look more like our community and become a more inclusive group for all which leads to stronger networks, partnerships, and businesses.” Vince also shared that it is important to have DEI in our business community because, “DEI really evens the playing field for all and allows people with different backgrounds and beliefs to have a fair shake at opportunity.” Vince’s goal with DEI is, “to strengthen our committee and Chamber membership by having a better representation that will reflect the people of Kankakee County.”

We are thankful that Vince is a board member, and is the chair of the DEI committee. He brings so much to the Chamber and our community.

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