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Board Member Spotlight: Matthew Schore

Matthew Schore has been a Board member since January of this year.  He was born and raised in Bourbonnais. Matt is the Director of Business Development at A.N. Weber Logistics, where they strive to “Provide excellence in transportation.” Matt finds it really fun to be involved in the Chamber at a deeper level. On the Board, he is able to help steer the Chamber in a direction that he finds will be successful and allow for longtime growth and viability. 

“The Chamber of Commerce is vitally important for a business environment in the local community. It’s a chance to network, give back to the community and help people to grow in their business ventures,” said Matt. His goal on the board is to make each and every member as successful as possible. 

Matt is a disciplined, light-hearted and high-energy professional who defines success as: “Setting big goals and achieving them.”  He believes setting goals helps him to grow as a person, father, Chamber Member and employee. He is a husband to Sarah and has two children: London, who is five, and Lincoln, who is four. Matt enjoys playing golf, going on runs, and hunting. 

As the Director of Business at A.N Weber Logistics, he works hard to ensure that customers are happy and have everything they need. He maximizes every opportunity to be inventive in problem-solving and to create long-term strategies. He is excited to grow their sales team and the company as a whole. 

Matt highly recommends everyone read “The Man in the Arena” by Teddy Roosevelt. 

Thank you, Matt, for your dedication to the Board of Directors.  We appreciate you!

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