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Partner Spotlight: Johnsonville

Momence Packing Company, situated in the heart of Momence, IL, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in December, 2022.  Ed Kramer opened the company in 1982, initially manufacturing products for Oscar Mayer. Today, Momence Packing is a harvest facility and manufacturer that exclusively produces sausage products for Johnsonville Sausage.  Johnsonville is the No. 1 national brand of brats, Italian sausage, smoked-cooked links, and fresh breakfast sausage links.  Along with the vast array of sausage products it makes, Momence Packing also offers a variety of employment roles at competitive wages and with great benefit packages, further enhanced with opportunities for growth and development.

Currently, Momence Packing employs over 320 Members and has much to offer anyone who wants to grow their career. Momence has a ‘Best Place to Work’ committee and ‘Recruit and Retain’ team that organize appreciation events and resources to celebrate our members’ work and enhance personal and professional development. Momence has a robust Diversity-Equity and Inclusion team that recognizes and educates us all about the many different cultures in the community. As October is National Hispanic Heritage month, the DEI team is serving horchata drinks and Hispanic bakery delicacies to our Members.

Not only does Momence Packing Company offer a rich, cultural heritage, but it’s also an environment that encourages respect, integrity, quality and safety for all our Members to grow and develop.  We look forward to our continuous growth, stewardship and servant leadership over the next 40 years.

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