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Ambassador Spotlight: Annie Mitchell

Annie Mitchell has been a realtor with McColly Bennett since 2021. She grew up in Bourbonnais but has lived and worked in Chicago, Miami and New York City, where she earned her master’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her 20+ years of experience in luxury retail and marketing has built a foundation of attention to detail and care for the needs of her customers. She loves helping people find their dream homes.


Annie joined the Chamber a year and a half ago after the BBCHS Academic Foundation recommended it and has loved being a part ever since. She finds value in the friendships she’s made and the network she’s built from being a part of the Chamber. She sees being a part of the Chamber as “a great way to meet new people and have fun together” She has enjoyed volunteering at events and getting to spend time with the members.


Annie defines success as “being happy in your career, family, and everyday life. As long as you’re happy, you’ve found success.” She demonstrates this in her career as well as in other aspects of life. Annie was recently married and lives in Bourbonnais with her husband and dog, Bella. She enjoys taking horseback riding lessons and traveling in her spare time.


Being an independent, ambitious, and caring person, Annie loves working in real estate because it gives her the chance to meet new people. The day-to-day tasks are flexible and ever-changing. She is most proud of the independence she’s gained in her career and the opportunities that arise daily.  She believes in “what you focus on expands” and it shows through her work and continual education.


We are so thankful for the time Annie has served our Chamber. The Chamber really appreciates the value that she adds as an ambassador.

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