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Investor Spotlight: Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc.

Crown Cork and Seal has been around for 130 years and has been serving the Kankakee area since 1969. The company has three divisions: food, aerosol, and beverage packing. The Bradley location produces 12 oz aluminum cans.


Their mission is “Building on a tradition of innovation, quality and cost control, we reach ever greater heights as we provide diversified packaging solutions and services to meet our customer needs.” They believe “with greater competition for consumer attention and increased focus on corporate responsibility and environmental protection. It has never been more critical for brand owners to make packaging choices that have a positive impact.” They value putting people first, governing ethically and responsibly, operating sustainably, and are committed to quality.


Crown Cork’s management team operates as a cohesive unit that strives to work together towards a common goal. They’ve recently had new management that is focused on people and process. This focus has taken the company to the next level and in the past few years the company has hit ground breaking levels of retention and engagement.


“We joined the Chamber because we wanted to become a more active and known member of the community. We feel we can offer chamber members a different perspective on manufacturing. We try to stay current in our practices by sticking with the times. We hope to contribute a fresh outlook and new ideas to the Chamber,” Stated Ray (Human Resource Manager).


Crown Cork has recently become an investor with us, and we are excited to have them as a part of the Chamber.


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