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Partner Spotlight: BEAR Construction Company

BEAR Construction Company is a product of the American dream. BEAR was started in 1984 by three brothers who had an idea and a dream. They now have five offices across Illinois and one in Wisconsin that offers estimating, project/construction management, and general construction. They have grown tremendously from their start and now have annual revenues of $300 million. BEAR is supported by over 200 full-time professionals. The company employs a large team of union carpenters, laborers, and decorators with experience in all types of projects. BEAR is ranked in the top 50 construction managers in the Midwest covering seven states.


Account Executive William Ziemek Jr. stated, “BEAR has separated itself from competitors by the people they employ. They take pride in what the company does and are compassionate about their work and clients."


The company prides themselves on their family culture. “When we win, we celebrate together, when we lose, we nurse our hurts together,” stated William. William became familiar with BEAR as a client and joined the team about nine years ago. William joined Bear because “the business that started as a family still operates the same way. “We have an open- door policy. The brothers and top executives say please and thank you like everyone else.”


BEAR has been doing business in the Kankakee area for many years and decided to move into Bradley six years ago to be closer to their clients. They joined the Chamber as a way to join the community. “We live in Kankakee County and we’re involved. Being a part of the Kankakee Chamber of Commerce and other Groups like the Riverfront Society has allowed me to become part of the fabric of Kankakee and I’ve made some good friends along the way.” William believes, “Companies need to be more active in their communities. The more you put in the more you can prosper. It's a win-win for us and the community.”


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