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Manufacturer of the Year: Nucor Steel

The 2022 Manufacturer of the Year has invested many dollars into our community over the last few years.  From upgrades at their location to helping as a major funder of the Kankakee Community College Industrial Technology Center that just had their grand opening this summer.  Paul Carlson, KCC dean of business, technology and human services stated “To be able to have some of the latest and greatest technology equipment is just a fabulous opportunity, not just for the students but the community because these are the students that are going to become the workforce in the community for years to come.” Major funding for the renovation project was provided by our 2022 Manufacturer of the Year.


This company has made significant capital investments to their location in Kankakee County and have a commitment to providing high-skill jobs and competitive compensation in our market.

Gala Award Winners -nucor
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