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Board Member Spotlight: Rob Warmbir

Rob Warmbir

Rob Warmbir is the Board Vice Chair of the Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce, and owner of RW Property Services which specializes in farmland management, real estate, and auctions.

Rob grew up on a grain and livestock operation in Clifton, IL. This is the area in which he still resides.

Agriculture has always been one of Rob’s passions and he plans to continue with it well into the future.

Rob attended the University of Illinois and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Consumer Economics with a concentration in Farm Management. He also obtained a minor in crop
sciences while there.

After college, Rob attained a job as a farm manager and real estate broker. He held this position for 7 years before deciding to start his own farmland management, real estate, and auction company. He also helps conduct numerous charity auctions throughout the year.

Fun Fact:

Rob holds approximately 15 licenses/certifications including scuba diving, paragliding, and his pilots

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